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             Jewellers & Valuers
    Ring Making, Re-modelling, Jewellery Repairs & Valuations

For Imported held Jewellery & Australian Border Force Examination Requirements contact me via email or Phone 0410 600 477 



NSW Registered Valuer

Bexley Office


We are a family friendly team of Jewellers and Registered Valuers who have been in the Industry for over 25 years. With many years of experience in manufacturing and handling of all types of jewellery , we guarantee you will have the peace of mind in trusting us to assist with any of your jewellery requests. 

*Qualified Jewellers & Valuers ensuring high quality manufacturing for all your special needs

as well as Valuations for your jewellery insurance. 

We pride ourselves in producing high quality crafted pieces and ensuring exceptional customer service.

Our Education, Passion and Expertise in the Industry dates back to the early 1990's.  Gaining Jewellery trade qualifications, a Gem Diploma with Credit, Diamond Certifications as well as a higher level of study to attain NSW Valuing Registration.  Many years of experience on all types of Jewellery including Diamond Rings, Australian Opal Jewellery, Pearls, Coloured Gemstones such as Ceylon & Australian Sapphires, Ruby, Emerald, Aquamarine & all semi-precious Gems.  Gold Coins, Working with precious metals-Gold, Platinum, Silver. 

Jewellery Manufacturing Services:
All our Jewellery is manufactured at our workshop in Sydney with utmost care, precision and high end Australian standards.

Our office is located in Bexley by appointment only.
Services at Bexley:
*Quote to make an Engagement or Dress Ring of your choice or any other Jewellery item. 
*Modifications or Restorations quotes.
*Assist you with creating something special by using your old items or gems that are laying around or  something you wish to change or modify. We will check and assess to confirm all for you prior to any job.
*Jewellery Repairs-assessments and quotes.
*Valuations- for Insurance or a variety of reasons.

Valuation service- NSW NCJV Registered, issuing up to date Retail Replacement Values for Insurance Purposes to the general public, and involved with a variety of groups such as Australian Airport Customs Australian Border force, Jewellery Importers & Wholesalers, Legal Firms, NSW Police and others, hence expert appraisal services for a variety of required reasons.  Very Reputable
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