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Airport Examinations


Deceased Estate 


Various Reasons for Valuations: 

*Retail Replacement Purposes- For Insurance:

This type of valuation is the most common and often used by Insurance Companies. A detailed assessment that estimates the replacement price of your item/s at a traditional or High end outlet / Jeweller, as well as replacement for brand items.

*Sales Purposes:

If you are thinking or wanting to sell your items I can assess your jewellery and give you the correct estimated values depending on which sales scenario you are after. Values may vary whether it is a *Non forced sale ; *Forced Sale, or *Private sale of goods as well as the *second hand market taking into account many factors.

*Quality Assessment Reports & Confirmation of Jewellery:

I can verify the authenticity of your item, examine and explain all to you about your jewellery, Gems, Diamond etc. If in doubt, or wish to just be certain. Quite often people are wanting to confirm certain things about their purchased jewellery or grades of Diamond as the item may be sourced overseas or online or even locally, but I can thoroughly inspect and assure you of what you have. 

*Imported Jewellery held by NSW Customs or Courier Groups:

I have examined many items for customs, importers or clients that have had their jewellery held at Australian airports or at international courier groups requiring an assessment and valuation for customs purposes. I have been active in this field for many years. My details are held with NSW Customs who often recommend me to clients to examine and report on their held jewellery. So I am an experienced Valuer in this field.

*Divorce Property Settlement:

Family court may require a valuation of jewellery in a divorce settlement . Written directions are provided by solicitors with the valuation usually based on the fair market value, although this may vary. Assisted many in the passed after clarification.


*Deceased Estate:

Again, written directions are provided by the lawyer or executor of the will, with the valuation reflecting the current market value or the requirements of the will. I have carried out such valuations for family members, executors or Law firms -

At times just verbals were required by solicitors to help families choose, split and distribute.


*Police Inquiries:

I have inspected and assisted NSW Police in the event of verifying items of theft or loss with correct values.

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